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Premium Appliance Rentals Now Offering Same-Day Delivery Washer and Dryer Rental in Austin, Texas  

washer and dryer rental

Austin, Texas – In light of providing superior service for local residents, Premium Appliance Rentals has launched a new Same-Day Delivery for all washer and dryer orders that are placed on Monday through Saturday before 10am CDT. This new addition to the company’s other amazing features sets it apart from its competitors.

Since its launch, Premium Appliance Rentals has solely focused on providing a unique service to customers when it comes to washing machine, clothes dryer or washer and dryer rental. All the appliances available for rent are either new or very lightly used. This in itself is a major differentiator in the appliance rental industry because unlike the other competitors, Premium Appliance Rentals focuses on new, quality and newer models for washer and dryer sets.

Austin is a city that is always on the move. From morning light to dawn, the city is active, and its residents are busy doing their daily business. Business means making money as well as saving it. We are well aware of how important quality vs. price factor is for our customers.

Owning home appliances can be unnecessary and pricey. Residents don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to keep clothes dry or to wash them. Needless to say once you purchase a clothes dryer or a washing machine it will start to lose its value as soon as you leave the store.

The main quality and wallet friendly services that Premium Appliance Rentals focuses on are washer and dryer rental. By renting a washing machine or clothes dryer from them, you can save hundreds of dollars. The fact that they are the most affordable washer and dryer rental in our city is not good enough for us and more importantly, for you.

By renting from them, you will get:

  • Free maintenance of washing machine or clothes dryer (one can also rent washer dryer combo if you need to have both of them).
  • Free Same-Day delivery.
  • Free installation and free pickup after use.

Premium Appliance Rentals is much more than average rental service. By trusting us we can become your personal home appliance service center, with strive to please your needs and experience to do so.

Last but not the least, customers also enjoy:

Services that Premium Appliance Rentals offer are also an Eco-friendly solution. Owning home appliance products can leave a lot of waste. If the machine is not eco-friendly it produces water, electricity and heat waste. Their appliances provide a solution for all of that.

When talking about washer and dryer rental, Premium Appliance Rentals is the number one in city of Austin. Not solely because they offer quality services for lowest price but because they also care about their customers and see them as a great responsibility. Hence been dubbed: the best washer and dryer rental experience in Austin and surrounding areas.

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